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Simply mind blowing. Wow....

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Portrait of Amanda Seyfried Portrait of Amanda Seyfried

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A very good job on color and tone! It's a great piece.

The only actual criticism I have is that, while some parts are intentionally left blurry (shoulders, hair, etc.) some parts of the drawing would have been much more interesting if you had used a sharper brush. The eyes, eyelashes, and the interior lining of the lips would have been more appealing with some sharper edges!

Great job nonetheless, and bigger props for doing it in under 3 hours!

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Roxana Roxana

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Excellent work. Very good shading and detailing, I'm especially fond of the veins and the work around the eyes.

I find the base of the mane to be slightly distracting and to be of unequal quality when compared to the rest of the drawing, but it's still quite good. It's hard to judge from the quality of the scan (or picture), but I think additional contrast in some areas, notably the bridle, would have worked out better. Try to keep the thickness of your lines constant!

Otherwise, excellent job once again!

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Soronya responds:

First of all: Thank you for this detailed review :)
What you said about the mane: I really had some problems with it. It didn't turn out as I wanted it... I don't know why, but apparently I'm not good in drawing hair or mane... Have to practice, I know.
The problem is that this is a photo, cause I cannot scan A3 paper, it is too big. The contrast better turns out at the real drawing; there the mane is black and some other things are darker... I know, it sounds like a bad excuse, but it's true :D
I was a little bit afraid of drawing the bridle darker because I thought it would degrade the shadow... But maybe it wouldn't have done it... Well, I can't change it anymore, but you're right in saying, that it would have looked better.
The thickness of the lines is a problem I always have :D I do not want to draw outlines, but I need them for my conceptual design, so I have to erase them or try to use it as a shadow line (as I tried it by drawing the bridle).
And: Thank you for liking the eye (and the work around it)! :D While drawing, I never was happy with it and erased it a thousand times, just to draw it again... Additionally the eye never turned out as the one of the real horse looks like... I'm still not happy with it :D
So, thank you very much again and I have to say that I am really happy to get those compliments and 4.5 Stars of you because I always was fascinated by your artwork (:
Thank you :)

Noxious Noxious

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really like it :) Great stuff right there!