I'm back again.

2017-09-21 17:16:16 by Vonschlippe

I'm back my dudes. 

Using a recently acquired Wacom MobileStudio 16, I'm getting back into drawing and painting after a long stint with photography, model kits, and other hobbies. 

Plenty of stuff on the way, so stay tuned.



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2017-09-21 17:32:37

Love your latest piece, welcome back!

Vonschlippe responds:

Holy crap Tom Fulp! Thank you for the warm welcome :D


2017-09-21 17:43:40

Welcome back!
Your latest piece looks great btw.

Vonschlippe responds:

Thanks man! :D


2017-09-21 19:14:21

WHALE CUM BACK! That latest piece is totally awesome!

Vonschlippe responds:

Thank you so much ^^ It's a pleasure to be back :)


2017-09-22 00:17:17

YESS!!! Welcome back dude, I stop by your profile once every few months to see if you come back.

Hopefully you stick around!

Vonschlippe responds:

Rhunyc! I remember you from several years ago :) Glad to see you're still around and that your art is thriving. Cheers!!


2017-09-27 11:51:51

Holy shit, I think you were frozen in cyro or something and hidden away! Glad to see your still about! Can't wait for your new stuff!

Vonschlippe responds:

I'm happy to be back and I'm in a good, happy place in my life now. I'm drawing daily and there is surely a lot of stuff to come.

Cheers mate :)