And three years later...

2014-10-02 12:02:17 by Vonschlippe

Hey everyone!

It's been almost three years since I wrote here. I have not been painting much and I've been a lot more focused on other hobbies, such as photography and airbrushing kits. A month ago my hard drive crashed and I've lost all my drawings since 2011, which strangely brought me back to this drawing, which was never finished.

What happened with the drawing? I ended up disliking DIII very much at launch, and Leah ended up being an annoying character to me; thus her painting was cancelled. Here's how the whole thing ended up, still unfinished. 

I will not be logging in much, but I might possibly return to drawing in the future if I decide on buying a Cintiq. Thank you for your continued comments and page views in the meantime, they mean a lot me.

Here's the thing, for closure.

-VonGirl in armor drawing thing



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2014-10-02 16:22:31

Damn dude you're awsome, can't waste that potential.

Vonschlippe responds:

Haha thanks :) It's only a break from drawing... I'll come back, and possibly make the switch to animation as well. In time!


2014-10-07 16:31:25

You will always be one of my favourites :)

Vonschlippe responds:

Aww shucks! Thanks :)


2014-10-30 15:18:32

A switch to animation? I'd sure like to see that, your art is amazing! Don't take a break for too long please

Vonschlippe responds:

The prophecy has foretold of my return ;) Hi!


2014-11-21 10:36:44

Your works are really really beatiful


2015-07-13 04:43:22

You have to draw the rest of that suit :P it looks cool, and that hair is pretty awesome :3