Upcoming drawing teaser

2011-12-18 20:17:54 by Vonschlippe

Hello everyone!

Here's a tiny sneak peek at my next poster, which is intended to be a Diablo III themed depiction of Leah, the character seen in many trailers so far.

I hope it turns out as good as I plan it to be, and I hope you'll like it as well!


Upcoming drawing teaser


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2011-12-18 20:53:47

Those diablo 3 cg trailers look realistically awesome, and it looks like the face is going pretty well :D


2011-12-19 15:02:02

already looking forwards to it.


2011-12-22 01:16:08

dude, it's looking great so far. You're so good at shading/coloring! I can only hope to be that talented. Though, why so many layers? :O I usually just have like 5 lol.

Vonschlippe responds:

I'm a layer monster... I basically use them every couple of brush strokes as a backup in case I fuck up, so I can come back and delete them instead of relying on ctrl+z.

It's extremely messy, unefficient and tremendously increases the size of my photoshop files, but it has some perks for color correction and using textures!


2011-12-23 02:55:02

Can't wait for it!


2011-12-25 18:14:18

you're so boss...have my children!