Uncredited, stolen artwork.

2011-11-08 21:38:17 by Vonschlippe

Today, I've learned that my "Terran Medic" picture has more pageviews on YOUTUBE than on my deviantart and newgrounds accounts combined.

The problem is: they are uncredited.

A simple URL to the original art would have gone a long way to ensure meaningful feedback. Here are a few examples: this one with 176 000 pageviews, and this one, featuring the crappy boxxy edit from 4chan. Still, it's my artwork being defaced, and in front of 606 000 viewers.

Thank you internet. Here come the watermarks! ^^

Uncredited, stolen artwork.


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2011-11-19 13:18:33

That suck... But isn't this artwork protected by the Creative Commons license? So any modification done by others to your artwork cannot be shared online.


2011-11-24 15:17:53

Unfortunately, it happens. Publicity is publicity though.
Would be nice if they credited you. :(


2011-12-04 15:39:55

Wow, that's terrible. It must be infuriating to see the crappy Boxxy edits, too - that's like adding insult to the injury of them stealing your artwork to begin with.

Definitely need the watermarks, sadly. Ahh...


2011-12-12 09:34:42

it is a sad day when artists are unable to post artwork without them smothering them in watermarks to stop people using them without crediting the original author... iv seen flash animations and music go down the same route, even my crappy flash animations had someone steal them... it really pisses me off when someone such as yourself is targeted and not given credit... even if it is a mashed up version of your original... you should of been given credit like you said... its a shame, but this is how the world works now... no one gives a dam :(