Finally done!

2011-03-23 21:23:43 by Vonschlippe

I'm finally finished with this drawing!

It took a whopping 110 hours to complete from scratch, and I've never spent so much time on a single piece. I'm hoping you all like it!!!

Check it out in my art tab! ^^


Finally done!


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2011-03-24 04:54:16

your work is brilliant!

Vonschlippe responds:

Hehe! I'm glad you think so!


2011-03-24 05:02:54

Dude! You are blessed with "Awesomeness"!
Love all of your work.

Vonschlippe responds:

Thanks a lot :)


2011-03-28 09:49:58

Perhaps it is just me, but your model appears to be consistant in your works, so I must ask, is she an actual person? Or do you just like using the same base for your fantastic artworks?

Vonschlippe responds:

Nope, she's not a real person... they simply all fit into my kind of women! ^^ What can I say, I'm a sucker for short hair and attitude. Glad you like it :D


2011-03-29 22:59:25

You have one of the best galleries here in NG, sir! you have my entire respect as an artist and I hope to see more of your art work soon n_n

Vonschlippe responds:

Thanks a lot! :D


2011-04-05 22:04:32

I recognized this because one of my roomates had it as his desktop background and he's a huge starcraft/newgrounds art fan, and I get some nice tips from the artist! :3 I mainly use photoshop for texture work and this is quite amazing.

Vonschlippe responds:

It's a pleasure to hear that! Thank you very much :)


2011-04-05 22:07:53

Duuuude, your work is amazing...!
I'm flattered you visited my thread! O:
Coincidentally, I'm also situated in montreal...!!

Vonschlippe responds:

I just scouted you, man! Your work is very good as well :D


2011-04-09 15:48:07

Wait, you study in engineering....?
...Are you gonna build a Gundam? :D?

Vonschlippe responds:

I am looking forward to becoming an entrepreneur, perhaps in the personnal defense market... While body armor is quite possible, a gundam remains unlikely =P