A special gift!

2010-12-26 23:50:47 by Vonschlippe


Just submitted a painting that I did for my buddy and girlfriend, Inès!

I filmed the whole process using camstudio and you made a timelapse of it all... Basically it's 12-15 hours crushed into 3-4 minutes of video! If you like the painting, go have a look!

I wish you all some good time and a happy new year!

-Nicolas Kudeljan

(Here's a preview)

A special gift!


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2010-12-27 13:34:17

It was awesome!

Vonschlippe responds:

Hehe! I'm very glad you liked it! Cheers ^^


2011-01-06 21:24:06

I love the details.


2011-01-08 16:47:36

it's amazing how you keep track of all the little details and turn your sketch into a real paining.

also funny to keep track of the time running by on the bottom right :D

Vonschlippe responds:

I almost cried when I had a look at it afterwards =P