Entry #1

Just joined!!

2010-12-16 23:13:59 by Vonschlippe

Hello world!

Just created my account on Newgrounds and, as I wait to be scouted for my artwork, why not write my first post!

I'm a digital artist from Montreal, and a student in mechanical engineering as well. Drawing is a hobby for me, and I feature some stuff on my deviantart page, http://vonschlippe.deviantart.com/ . There arent many works here, mostly because I'm mostly a sketcher and I keep those only for friends on facebook.
I'm currently working on another poster for christmas, and it will be posted here in due time

I hope you find the first glimpses of my gallery to be satisfying enough!!

-Nicolas Kudeljan


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2010-12-16 23:16:05

have fun, welcome to NG.

enjoy your stay

Vonschlippe responds:

Thank you very much! ^^


2010-12-16 23:44:17

Not bad work.
Don't take this the wrong way but I'm a little bit suspicious at the moment, then again I just got done reporting a dozen or more pictures for theft, so forgive me.
If what you have is truly yours I say congratulations, your quite skilled.
I would like to scout you, but I would like a little more proof of your validity.

You mind uploading some more works, including sketches. I think it would be good to see your thought process. Also if you get the chance, drop by the Art Forum. We could always use some new good artist.
(Link for convenience) http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/forum/1 4

Vonschlippe responds:

Will do! I have a couple things I'm considering posting here that arent on my deviantart page, such as comics and sketches. However, it seems uploading sketches is discouraged on the art portal... will they still show up in my personnal gallery?


2010-12-17 00:08:59

you can uncheck the little box that says "This is not a Sketch" and it will appear in the your gallery as a personal thing

Vonschlippe responds:

Sweet, thanks! Oh, I'm about to upload a second comic, too!


2010-12-17 00:20:47

ok, I sent an scout request. Just make sure you follow the rules please. I would not like getting unscouted or castrated my self.

http://ornery.newgrounds.com/news/pos t/388624

It will be interesting seeing what you upload.


2010-12-17 01:33:23

Welcome to NewGrounds and congrats on the near-instant scout! Very amazing artwork you have; espicially the Terran Medic, it's very life-like. (Starcraft addict)

Vonschlippe responds:

Thank you very much! There is more to come!!


2010-12-17 02:39:37

you revealed your full name!! I can now add you on facebook.

Vonschlippe responds:

:P Right >_<


2010-12-17 09:26:53

Montreal ? Tu parles français ? I'm from there too, glad to see a fresh face. Also, your art is awesome, purely amazing. ;p

Vonschlippe responds:

Ouais, en fait ma langue maternelle c'est le français... J'écris mes BD en français et je les traduis pour Newgrounds >_> Merci pour les commentaires!!


2010-12-17 11:06:03

Hey do you have some kind of a club or a guild for the mechanical engineers students in your schoul or something? koneinsinoorikilta.fi/In English/

Vonschlippe responds:

Yep! I'm quite involved in my university's student life too!


2010-12-17 11:52:13

Man you sure have some great drawing skills.
Keep up the good work!

Why not upload a 46x46px user icon as well? you shouldn't have any problems creating one ;)

Vonschlippe responds:

Done! Thanks for the idea ^^


2010-12-17 12:43:10

yo, do you know how i know you go to concordia, i see your comic on the wall of the B-annex everyday and im de guy whos always there every day till 11

Vonschlippe responds:



2010-12-17 12:46:06

en fait, jme rappelle de toi de GG, tu te tennais toujours avec le petite fille au cheveux noir qui allait a lecole catholique

Vonschlippe responds:

Yep, entre autres... >_<


2010-12-17 22:15:02

you use Photoshop Craft Star 2?

Vonschlippe responds:

Uh yeah, I guess you can say that!! Photoshop CS2 with my wacom pen tablet!


2010-12-18 00:42:45

Holy b'jeezus! I've seen your work multiple times and found out about your deviant page maybe last month. You are an amazing artist in my opinion.

I think I went to Montreal for a Grade 7 field trip. Hooray pour l'immersion français! I do hope that's right... well at least I understand French =/

Welcome to Newgrounds! Hope that you can upload more things here. =D