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On kicking one's own butt

2017-09-28 15:02:59 by Vonschlippe

Hey lads!

Over a month ago I started getting really excited over the idea of making my own animations.

I started looking at tutorial videos, choosing the right software for the job, picked up a few books on animation and generally started informing myself on the process. I even started a few tests in Animate CC to get the juices flowing.

One point became cruelly obvious to me as the process went on: I am really, really rusty in drawing. At that point I had owned a Wacom tablet for almost 8 years and had not touched it in the past five. My pencil/paper game was almost non-existant, and drawing was frustrating at best due to my inability to achieve the results I knew I could have pulled off a few years ago.

I made the choice to fix the situation. The only way out of the hole I've dug myself into is to practice. Every fucking day, I'm setting aside at least an hour to create something. I gifted myself a Wacom MobileStudio 16, which I have been using regularly for the past two weeks.

I'm seeing daily progress; my understanding of light, color, anatomy and perspective is improving a little bit with every new practice session. I'm investing in myself for the first time in years, and that's a great feeling.

Cheers for practicing every day.

hair practice

I'm back again.

2017-09-21 17:16:16 by Vonschlippe

I'm back my dudes. 

Using a recently acquired Wacom MobileStudio 16, I'm getting back into drawing and painting after a long stint with photography, model kits, and other hobbies. 

Plenty of stuff on the way, so stay tuned.


And three years later...

2014-10-02 12:02:17 by Vonschlippe

Hey everyone!

It's been almost three years since I wrote here. I have not been painting much and I've been a lot more focused on other hobbies, such as photography and airbrushing kits. A month ago my hard drive crashed and I've lost all my drawings since 2011, which strangely brought me back to this drawing, which was never finished.

What happened with the drawing? I ended up disliking DIII very much at launch, and Leah ended up being an annoying character to me; thus her painting was cancelled. Here's how the whole thing ended up, still unfinished. 

I will not be logging in much, but I might possibly return to drawing in the future if I decide on buying a Cintiq. Thank you for your continued comments and page views in the meantime, they mean a lot me.

Here's the thing, for closure.

-VonGirl in armor drawing thing


Progress Report!

2011-12-26 00:07:05 by Vonschlippe

I could not resist showing off a bit of progress on my upcoming diablo 3 themed drawing. This one will feature Leah from the marvelous trailer from Blizzard. I can't wait to play it!

I hope you like what you see!

Progress Report!

Upcoming drawing teaser

2011-12-18 20:17:54 by Vonschlippe

Hello everyone!

Here's a tiny sneak peek at my next poster, which is intended to be a Diablo III themed depiction of Leah, the character seen in many trailers so far.

I hope it turns out as good as I plan it to be, and I hope you'll like it as well!


Upcoming drawing teaser

Uncredited, stolen artwork.

2011-11-08 21:38:17 by Vonschlippe

Today, I've learned that my "Terran Medic" picture has more pageviews on YOUTUBE than on my deviantart and newgrounds accounts combined.

The problem is: they are uncredited.

A simple URL to the original art would have gone a long way to ensure meaningful feedback. Here are a few examples: this one with 176 000 pageviews, and this one, featuring the crappy boxxy edit from 4chan. Still, it's my artwork being defaced, and in front of 606 000 viewers.

Thank you internet. Here come the watermarks! ^^

Uncredited, stolen artwork.


2011-04-23 22:30:12 by Vonschlippe

Blizzard put my Terran Ghost drawing on the official fan art gallery! <3


Finally done!

2011-03-23 21:23:43 by Vonschlippe

I'm finally finished with this drawing!

It took a whopping 110 hours to complete from scratch, and I've never spent so much time on a single piece. I'm hoping you all like it!!!

Check it out in my art tab! ^^


Finally done!

I'm just dropping a tiny screencrap of what I'm working on right now! It's, as some of you might recognize, a terran ghost intended as a "sequel" to my terran medic drawing. It will be close to a full-body shot, and it should feature even more detail and textures than any of my previous works so far.

I'm using a lot of references from blizzard's trailers and concept art for Starcraft. I intend for it to be filled with details regarding the starcraft universe (such as the background, or the markings on the armor)

So far I'm 25 hours into it, and it's perhaps 40% complete. Since I'm a full-time engineering student, I can only progress in my spare time, and I can't say there's a lot of that available... So I hope to be done before the end of the semester!

Hope you like the sneak peek!
-Nicolas Kudeljan

More art! A work in progress...

A special gift!

2010-12-26 23:50:47 by Vonschlippe


Just submitted a painting that I did for my buddy and girlfriend, Inès!

I filmed the whole process using camstudio and you made a timelapse of it all... Basically it's 12-15 hours crushed into 3-4 minutes of video! If you like the painting, go have a look!

I wish you all some good time and a happy new year!

-Nicolas Kudeljan

(Here's a preview)

A special gift!